Raw Performance Dog Food

Raw Performance Dog Food Made In Ontario With Local Farm Fresh Hormone Free Meats!

We are please to announce that we are now carrying the complete line of Raw Performance Dog Food and Treats!  This is a local company using all local ingredients!


Raw Performance is available in convenient 1lb, 2lbs and 4lbs tubs, sold individually or in convenient variety packs.


Raw Performance also makes a variety of dog treats, including dehydrated Beef Liver & Lung, Lamb Lung, Beef Trachea, Duck Feet and Chicken Breast with more coming soon.


Pure Varieties:           1lbs                 2lbs                 4lbs

Pure Chicken               2.80                 5.00                 9.60

Pure Turkdy                3.50                 6.75                 12.50

Pure Beef                    3.80                 7.20                 13.00

Pure Rabbit                 7.40                 14.00               n/a

Pure Salmon                4.50                 8.50                 n/a

Pure Duck                   4.30                 8.15                 n/a


Gourmet Blends (includes Organ meat, trip & 5%vegetables(Kale, Spinach & Kelp))

Gournet Chicken         2.90                 5.45                 10.45

Gourmet Turkey          3.70                 7.00                 12.90

Gourmet Beef              3.90                 7.35                 14.00

Gourment Pork           3.95                 7.75                 14.25


Specialty Blends

Performance Blend          2.80            5.25                 10.00

Chicken & Lamb Blend    3.45            6.40                 12.00


Variety Cases

Classic 30lbs (15 x 2lbs)         69.99

3 each of Pure chicken, gourmet chicken, gourmet turkey, performance blend, chicken & lamb


Royal 24lbs (12x2lbs)             75.99

3 each of gourmet chicken, gourmet beef, gourmet turkcy, gourmet pork


Supreme 24lbs (12x2lbs)        79.99

3 each of pure duck, gourmet beef, gourmet turkey, gourmet pork


Elite 24lbs (6x4lbs)                 67.99

1 each of pure chicken, gourmet chicken, gourmet turkey, gourmet beef, gourmet pork, chicken & lamb


Wolf Pack 48lbs (12x4lbs)     112.99

3 each of pure chicken, gourmet chicken, gourmet turkey performance blend


Visit their website at    http://rawperformancedogfood.com/