About Us

Meredun 4 Paws Bed + Biscuit + S’Paw is one of the area’s longest standing kennels, having been established in the mid 1970s.

Gary & Jane Boesveld have offered professional boarding care, and grooming services since taking over the kennel in1986. . Prior to assuming ownership of the kennel, both Gary & Jane were active members of the Hamilton Dog Obedience Club where they trained and showed Rough Collies. Jane graduated top of her class from Sheridan College in the Animal Care Program winning the Cormack Animal Clinic Award. Jane went on to work as an Agent investigating Cruelty to Animal Complaints for the Hamilton SPCA. Jane also currently raises Border Collies.

About Meredun 4 Paws KennelGary & Jane have 5 children who all in some way enjoy helping in the family business, whether that be walking or playing with the dogs and cats in their care, bathing a dog, cleaning the kennel, helping with gardening, maintenance and repairs, or electrical work!

Since Gary’s passing from cancer in October of 2012 Jane has welcomed her second oldest, Mitchell as a business partner. Mitchell has earned a BA in Economics from Carleton University. Jane & Mitchell enjoy working together caring for the pets entrusted to them. Mitchell has also just gotten his first very own puppy he calls Motion, a beautiful Blue Merle Border Collie puppy born to the families own Shudder. He hopes to begin training both the puppy and himself in obedience and agility at McCann’s Professional Dog Training.

In the 27 years since the Boesveld Family as Meredun 4 Paws began, they have become well-respected members of the community, involving themselves in the Canadian Border Collie Association, Burlington Humane Society, Animal Adoptions of Flamborough, and Hamilton Burlington SPCA

Reserve a stay for your pet online, or give us a call today. 905-689 PAWS (7297)